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Private Lesson Sign-Up

How to register:


Welcome to registration! The information below is intended to help you with the registration process. Please contact me if you have any questions and I will be more than happy to help.


There are two types of students: a recurring student (one who has weekly lessons), or drop-in student - a student who wants a single(one) lesson.


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  • Recurring Student (Weekly Lessons)

    Online payments are a convenience and fees have been factored into the cost. If you prefer, you are absolutely, more than welcome, to pay in person via check or cash. If you do pay in person, skip the subscription information provided below and go straight to the calendar. Please note that your online bill will be much higher as it will reflect the drop-in rate of $55 per lesson.


    Before setting recurring dates you must purchase a subscription if you want to pay online. Once a subscription has been purchased you will be given a code (or you can use your email) that is applied to your bill, giving you the subscription cost. Subscription payments are set to the first of the month. Students starting mid month will be provided a fee adjustment code


    D you have your subscription code? Proceed to the studio calendar to set up your weekly lessons.

    -Select the day and time, then

    -Select “recurring” to which you will set 40 dates. Once the system calculates the dates it will also cross out holidays and vacations. This should bring your lessons to the week of June 15, 2018, or, 32 weeks of lessons from the week of September 10.


    Recurring students are given a slot for the year. If you only select one lesson, someone else can select the next weeks slot. Protect your slot by signing up for recurring lessons through June 15.


    Per studio guidelines, refunds are not given for cancelled or missed lessons. You may reschedule your lesson per availability online.

  • Drop-In Students (Single Lesson)

    Students who sign up for one lesson can bypass subscription and head to the calendar. Once you fill out your lesson request, you will be prompted to make a payment. Drop-In rate is $55 per lesson.

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