Breathe In

Like singers, flutists need to breathe and sculpt phrases in the air. Once the breath goes away, a common thing to leave first when nerves strike, or when practicing ceases, the support for the tone and technique quickly follows behind. You don’t always need your instrument to practice breathing. Take a few moments a day to take full breaths so when you do pick up your instrument, you will be able to breathe life into your metal tube.

I recently found the calm app and use it after my morning workouts. After playing around with the app I found “Breath” under settings. This portion is free and it does what musicians do, or need to do, to increase breath capacity in a beautiful format. I wish they would have an app like this for musicians to further increase our lung capacity as the most this one does is four breaths per minute. If you know of any apps like this please let me know! In the meantime download calm in the App Store and practice your breathing.

Melissa Grey