Summer Lessons!

Now accepting students for summer lessons June 16-August 29.

Don’t let your instrument get dusty this summer! Take a few summer lessons that explore new concepts, solidify goals, and keep your chops in shape. It’s the best time to learn personalized music skills for you without the pressures of school, peers, and ensembles.

In my studio, this years Summer topics are:

Extended Technique - key clicks, flutter tongue, multi phonics, harmonics, pitch bends, and so much more wrapped into 6 lessons. This series helps

Technique - level up your scales and patterns through a series of exercises

Competitions - get ready for fall competitions, and auditions

I just want to play for fun! - That’s great, incorporate your favorite tunes into each lesson.

Make the most of your musical summer with flute lessons!

Melissa Grey
Protect Your Ears - by Dr. Althea Rhoden Grey

Musicians as performing artists can be thought of as a “small muscle athlete”, and are just as susceptible to injuries as a football player or a construction worker. As performing artists, musicians’ hearing is at risk for damages. When you consider the amount of practice time, and the listening time that a musician has to do, his/her ears often reflect the same sort of damage as might be seen with industrial noise exposure. (Marshall Chasin, AuD, Hearing Loss in Musicians, 1996)

Flutes and piccolos have decibel ranges (intensities) of 85 dB -111dB and 95 dB - 112 dB respectively. The flute has a frequency (pitch) range of three octaves, from C, (middle C, 262 Hz) to C7 (2096 Hz). The frequency (pitch) range of a piccolo is 587 Hz-4.2 kHz.

Sounds above 85 db are harmful for the outer hair cells in the cochlear depending on how long and how often you are exposed to them and whether you wear hearing protection (source: healthlinkBC). Therefore, flutes and especially the piccolos are beyond the healthy decibel range.

Beyond noise exposure, additionally they are problems with pitch perception and tinnitus, which can be quite disabling for a working musician.

Since musicians have to work in and produce music that is often louder than safe noise levels (85dB), musicians need ear protection.  However when musicians wear regular hearing protection devices (HPDs), the yellow foam, green foam or any silicone ear plugs, he/she cannot hear the softer sounds, or the harmonics and quite often the musical overtones and the whole sound quality is thrown off balance.

There are several over the counter filtered ear plugs on the market such as

Earplugs Noise Reduction Filtered Hearing Protection for Concerts, Musicians & Motorcycles. Small & Large Sizes Best for Kids & Adults Ear Canals  by EAR Defense  or

Etymotic Research ER20 High-Fidelity Earplugs, Blue Tip with Clear Stem, 1 Pair Standard Fit, Clamshell Packaging by Etymotic Research that is better for both blocking noise and still allowing you to understand conversation and hear those high notes without hurting your ears.

The best type of filtered ear plugs are custom made musician ear plugs with filters. An audiologist has to take an ear impression of your ears including the ear canal and this is sent off to the lab for a custom fit. There are several filter strengths to choose from.

Whatever type of filtered earplugs you decide to get make sure that they fit properly so that you get the best benefit from using them.

Protect your precious hearing; have your hearing tested annually and use ear plugs every time you play a music instrument.

Dr. Althea Rhoden Grey

Board Certified Audiologist

Melissa Grey
Go-To Studio Book List

Books used in the studio

Below is a go-to list of some of the books used in the GreyFlute studio. Books may be purchased at Flute World! (


  • Blocki Method

  • Flute 101 by Patricia George

  • Trevor Wye Tone Book 1

  • Adult Beginners: Mark Thomas Series

  • Louis Moyse: Forty Little Pieces


  • Trevor Wye Technique

  • Taffanel and Gaubert

  • Moyse Daily Exercises

  • Maquarre Daily Exercises

Etude Books By:

  • Melodious & Progressive

  • Andersen

  • Berbiguier

  • Donjon

  • Altes

Melissa Grey
Breathe In

Like singers, flutists need to breathe and sculpt phrases in the air. Once the breath goes away, a common thing to leave first when nerves strike, or when practicing ceases, the support for the tone and technique quickly follows behind. You don’t always need your instrument to practice breathing. Take a few moments a day to take full breaths so when you do pick up your instrument, you will be able to breathe life into your metal tube.

I recently found the calm app and use it after my morning workouts. After playing around with the app I found “Breath” under settings. This portion is free and it does what musicians do, or need to do, to increase breath capacity in a beautiful format. I wish they would have an app like this for musicians to further increase our lung capacity as the most this one does is four breaths per minute. If you know of any apps like this please let me know! In the meantime download calm in the App Store and practice your breathing.

Melissa Grey
Winter Favorites

Winter Favorites

Some of my favorite music related items for the winter season.

  1. TE Tuner - A tuner that humorously displays emoji’s to help you stay on track. Also has a metronome.

  2. Time Cube - set your cellphone and iPad aside and simply practice with the Miracle TimeCube Timer.

  3. Book - The Talent Code: Unlocking the Secret Skill in Sports, Art, Music, Math, and Just About Anything by Daniel Coyle

  4. Personal Heater - In the midst of the big chill, I have loved having my personal heater in my music room.

  5. SEMFA Flute choir event - This is the first time SEMFA is providing a flute choir event, free for members, and I say let’s support it. Visit their website for additional information!

Melissa Grey
Interactive Flute Retreat

Announcing the 2019 Interactive Flute Retreat! The retreat will take place August 16-19, 2019 in South Haven, Michigan featuring PROJECT Trio! An innovative chamber ensemble who reshape the flute’s perspective. I am the artistic director of this event and love collaborating with engaging artists to provide events for you! Please take a look at the website: for more information.

Event open to adult flutists 18+

Melissa Grey


updated April 11, 2019

Lily - First Chair Saline High school

Freshman flutist who auditioned for and made it into the top wind ensemble

Carrigan - First Chair Scranton Middle School

Anna - earned a superior rating at solo duet festival in Brighton, mi

Beth - completed her senior recital!


-earned a position in the Blue Lake International Band program

-1st chair in Scranton Middle School Band

-Accepted into Livonia Youth Symphony

learn more about the studio here!

Melissa Grey